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  1. Tags

    Category Meaning Group
    Powershell-Designing Usually designing modules Powershell
    Powershell-Modules Different module topics not related to designing Powershell
    Powershell Largest category - just Powershell Powershell
    OneLiners-Powershell Posts that say To do this… Powershell
    Scripting-RestAPI Posts regarding web APIs with Postman or Powershell or an orchestration tool Scripting
    Scripting-Bash Usually just commands ran in a linux OS, not necessarily a script Scripting
    Scripting-CMD Usually just commands ran in a Windows OS, not necessarily a script Scripting
    OneLiners-Bash Posts that say To do this… Scripting
    OneLiners-CMD Posts that say To do this… Scripting
    ActiveDirectory Posts related to Active Directory administration Windows Roles
    Backup Veeam, robocopy Concepts
    CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate Topics Concepts
    Certificates Anything regarding PKI infrastrucute or certs in general Security
    Cloud AWS, Azure, Cloudflare, etc. Concepts
    ComputerImaging Mostly Windows Deployment Services with Microsoft Deployment Tool (WDS/MDT) Windows Roles
    ConfigManagement Puppet, hopefully Ansibile soon! Concepts
    FileSystem Generic file system commands Concepts
    GroupPolicy GPOs in Active Directory Windows Roles
    LinuxClient OpenSuse, Fedora Concepts
    LinuxServer Centos, RHEL Concepts
    MSOffice Microsoft Office Software Software
    MediaEditing Handbrake, youtube-dl Software
    Migration Anytime I had to migrate an old server to a new version (never in place upgrade!) Concepts
    Monitoring Splunk, Nagios Concepts
    NoteTaking OneNote, CherryTree, vscode Software
    Orchestration vRealize Orchestrator, Jenkins Concepts
    PersonalConfig Settings for programs I use Software
    Pre-Boot Anything before the OS Loads Concepts
    Printing Anything with printing Concepts
    Regedit Windows Registry Editor Concepts
    Regex Posts regarding Regex Concepts
    Router Posts with networking that involves leaving the LAN Concepts
    SQL Posts regarding SQL queries to Databases Concepts
    Setup Things you can setup from scratch Concepts
    TestLab Posts regarding VMware Workstation, Oracle Virtualbox, or any other Type 2 Hypervisor Concepts
    Tweaks Random technical stuff Concepts
    Updates Anything regarding Windows Updates Software
    VersionControl Anything with Git, Github, or Gitlab Concepts
    VirtualizationSoftware Docker, Hyper-V, Oracle Virtualbox, VMware Workstation Software
    Viruses Posts for back in the helpdesk days with Windows clients Concepts
    WebServer IIS, Apache, Nginx, Github Pages (Jekyll) Software
    WindowsServer-Roles Anything regarding Windows Server roles Concepts
    Hardware Hardware related stuff - servers, racks, UPS units, etc. Hardware
    Networking Networking related stuff Networking
    LocalSoftware Anything regarding settings for a specific program Software
    WebSoftware Settings for a program that exists as a SaaS like Sharepoint Online or Office 365 Software
    SysAdmin Catch all category for references, learning, or general posts Concepts
    Security Usually posts with protocols, hardening systems, etc. Concepts
    Linux Linux related posts Operating Systems
    Unix Unux related posts Operating Systems
    Windows Windows related posts Operating Systems
    WindowsServer Windows Server related posts Operating Systems