Application Not Appearing After Launch

1 minute read


We had a strange issue the other day where a user would launch an application, but it would not appear on her screen. The program was in the taskbar, but when you clicked it, nothing happened. If you right click on the system tray icon of the program and clicked to open the UI, it still wouldn’t launch. Turned out that it was launching, but for some reason it would be on a part of the screen the user has no way of accessing.

To Resolve:

  1. Launch the application and then press Alt+Tab to bring it to focus (even though you can’t see it).

  2. Press Alt+Space to bring up its menu and then press “r” to restore. Again, you won’t be able to see this so just use your keyboard.

  3. Press Alt+Space again and then “m” to move. Press one of your arrow keys to initiate the movement, then use your mouse to finish guiding the application in the middle of your screen.

  4. Close the application and re-open it, it should launch from the center of your screen now.

  5. Other possible fixes:

    • Change resolution of Windows and then change it back.
    • Right click on application in toolbar for the options mentioned above.
    • Use a third party program.
    • Press “Win+Left/Right” when the application is active to bring it back over.


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