Blinking Amber Light On Computer

less than 1 minute read


The power light on the computer tower will be blinking amber or solid amber.

To Resolve:

  1. Get the service tag or serial number of the workstation. Use this to look up the exact model of the tower.

  2. Check the user manual of the product to see what the code means. Most of the time it will be power supply or motherboard.

  3. If you can get the computer to actually boot:

    • Listen for beep codes.
    • Run on-board diagnostics. Most manufacturers have the option to hit F-12 as soon as the computer boots to run diagnostics.
  4. Diagnostic LED’s, Power LED’s, and Beep Codes are best for system board errors. If you remove all memory and boot the computer and DON’T hear 4 beeps, the motherboard is bad.

  5. Call the manufacturer if the product is under warranty and get it replaced. If not under warranty, you may need to purchase a power supply or motherboard to continue troubleshooting. Possibly purchase a new computer if out of warranty.