Computer Unable To Boot

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Although this may be covered in other sections, here is a breakdown on what to do if a computer will not boot into its OS.

To Resolve:

  1. Make sure that the only things connected to the computer are a monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Unplug everything else temporarily. Don’t overlook this step.

  2. Look for any LED indicators on the front of the unit. Any LED codes need to be looked up in the Owners Manual for the system.

  3. After powering on the machine, listen for beep codes and pay particular attention to the initial “splash screen” (POST). The Owners Manual will help with these as well.

  4. If the computer clears POST but doesn’t boot into the OS, shut off the computer and run diagnostics on it. For most computers, you power on the computer and repeatedly tap the F12 key for this.

  5. If the computer passes the hardware check, see about reinstalling Windows or researching any errors that come up prior to the OS loading.