Determining Physical Processors

1 minute read


In the event that you want to find the number of physical processors a server has without opening it up, you can try these methods:

To Resolve:

  1. Right click on Computer => Properties. This screen will usually have the number of processors installed after the name of the processor.

  2. If you know the number of cores per processor, you can run devmgmt.msc and see how many is installed. For example, servers with the E500 series processors typically will have 8 Processors installed if only one physical CPU is installed and 16 if two are.

  3. You can also Run => Resmon to bring up the Resource Monitor and determine how many are installed by going to the CPU tab. If it lists CPU0 => CPU7 only once then you only have a single processor but if it list them twice with “Node X” in parethensis e.g. “CPU 2 (Node 0)” then you have that many processors installed.

  4. Another command I have found that just tells if you have more than one installed is to run get-wmiobject win32_processor in PowerShell. Navigate down to the “LoadPercentage” line and if it is blank => you have one, if it has a number you have more than one.