Faulty Switches

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Faulty switches can have many ways of presenting themselves. Most of the time they are obvious like total disconnections from workstations to the internal network / internet. Sometimes they are a little harder to spot. For example: If you ever have an issue with the upload being slower than download from the server like the screen shots below:

  • Workstation to Server, 3GB Data folder:

    • faulty-switch-1
  • Server to Workstation, 3GB Data folder (same folder):

    • faulty-switch-2

To Resolve:

  1. Run a ping from one workstation to the server. run => cmd => ping (server IP or name). For better results, hold a constant ping (ping -t).

  2. If the responses come back fine, it could still be a faulty switch. Try pinging the default gateway and, if you see any packet loss => you have a disconnect somewhere or a faulty switch.

  3. Try uploading a folder to the server, is the read/ write speed equal? If not, you may have a faulty switch.

  4. Replace the switch and see if you get same results.