GFI: Offline Checks Failing

1 minute read


There is no check associated with offline servers, but they should be addressed quickly. Server’s will show in the Dashboard as being Offline for “X” amount of time. We need to call them and get them back to reporting. This one fails normally because a server has been rebooted, stuck in PE (Pre-Boot Environment), or the customer purchased a new server.

To Resolve:

  1. If GFI is running and is “Active”, then try this fix: (Note: You may have an error message about “Not Communicating” of some sort)

  2. If the agent is in “Maintenance” mode, then you simply need to switch it to “Active”

  3. If it’s been offline for a while, chances are the customer purchased a new server. Go to the Dashboard and delete the old device under “Client => Sites”. Get in the new server and install GFI.

  4. If they have McAffee AV, it could be blocking the agent. To Fix:

    • Get the credentials and login to the “Admin Console” through the McAffee GUI.
    • Set the exclusions for C:\Program Files\Advanced Monitoring Agent\winagent.exe and SNMP Service
    • Re-run the checks, should be good to go.