How To Pause PRTG

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I love PRTG! It monitors our network in real time. After the install I setup email alerts for failed sensors. I have 3 groups: Network devices, physical servers, and virtual servers all with specific checks for those devices. Sometimes, if we are aware of an issue, we DON’T want PRTG to send us email alerts. You can pause individual checks or all checks if you are aware of a problem, but don’t want PRTG to keep sending emails regarding it.

To Resolve:

  1. Login to PRTG via WebGUI.

  2. Click on Devices => All.

  3. On the view of all the devices, just click on the Settings tab towards the top center of all the devices, choose the selection to “Pause” and then click Save.

  4. After the issue is resolved, just go back and choose the option “Started” and save again. Good to go.