iDashboards Installation

1 minute read


These are the steps I followed in installing iDashboard server. iDashboards is a Java application that displays dashboards views of Excel or SQL Server data. It falls under reporting type applications used heavily in management positions.

To Resolve:

  1. I created a new Server 2012 VM, installed MS SQL Server 2008r2, and moved over the iDashboards installer, Java SQL installer, and the license file.

  2. Before running the .exe for iDashbaords, I had to open SQL Server Management Studio.

  3. Under Databases, I right clicked => New => DataBaseName

  4. Under Security => Logins => Right Click => New Login => Filled out the info below:

    • Name: DBUser # Note: I created the same user and added them to the local admin account (lusrmgr.msc). On this screen, I selected the option to “search..” and pointed to the user.
    • Select the SQL Server authentication and input the password you want the user to have.
    • Move to the Server Roles tab => check “sysadmin” to give the database user sysadmin rights.
    • Move to the user mapping tab and select all the options. Also add “dbo” under the default schema:


    • Leave the rest default and click OK. Finished the installation. iDashboards can now be accessed via web GUI.
  5. Website links: