IE Has Stopped Working

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If you get this error message “Internet explorer has stopped working”, that means, must be a 3rd party “.dll” file is conflicting with iexplore.exe, also Internet explorer getting lots of load of unwanted toolbars, BHO’s, addon’s, extensions, and some internet explorer security settings.

To Resolve:

  1. Follow the link to 9 methods to try:

  2. I just worked one of these the other day:

    • Reset IE: Run => inetcpl.cpl => Advanced tab => Reset => Reset. Did not fix.
    • Run Ultra Adware Portable => Removed items and rebooted. Did not fix.
    • Run Bleachbit => Made sure to check all options regarding IE. Fixed
    • I think the issue had to do with some file in their %localappdata% or %appdata% directory. Bleachbit resolved the issue.