Online Privacy Resources

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After spending some time on the internet, you will see why certain services such as Google, Yahoo, Twitter, and Facebook are free. They take any information they can get from you and use it as a way to sell products to you based on advertisements. In response, many people are upping their privacy/anonymity online. Check out these services:

To Resolve:

  1. At the very least, look at plug ins that block ads and help with privacy.

My Chrome add-ons are: Ghostery, Ublock Origin, AdBlock, and LastPass. The first three help with privacy, LastPass is a password manager that I highly recommend due to security as well.

  1. If you want to up privacy while browsing the web, check out Tor

  2. If you want an entire OS devoted to privacy, look into Tails or Whonix

  3. If you want to join a “secret” community of downloaders similar to BitTorrent, try Usenet