Printing Over Terminal Services

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If you have a client VPN and they want to be able to print to a printer at their location FROM the other end of the VPN, follow this guide. Also see Adding A Printer For A Terminal Server if this doesn’t help.

To Resolve:

  1. On the local machine, make sure the printer is installed correctly and share it out with no spaces in the share name. Test by printing a test page locally.

  2. Connect to the VPN through ncpa.cpl. If it’s not setup, go ahead and set that up now => see “Setting Up A VPN” for more information.

  3. Test the connection by pinging the destination computer’s IP address.

  4. If it’s successful, on the local machine run an ipconfig /all. Take note of the PPP IP Address. (In this case


  5. On the remote computer, run => \\IPAddressFromPreviousStep. This will bring up an Explorer window that shows you everything being shared from the local computer.

  6. Find your printer, right click => connect. Install the printer through the steps.