Setting Up A Wifi Extender

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To install a Wifi Extender, do the following steps:

To Resolve:

  1. Place your extender in the same room as your WiFi router . Note: Proximity to the WiFi router is required only during the initial setup process.

  2. Plug the extender into an electric outlet and wait one minute.

  3. Use a WiFi network utility on a computer or mobile device to find and connect to the NETGEAR_EXT (SSID) WiFi network if a Netgear extender. Note: NETGEAR_EXT is the default name of your extender’s wireless network, and by default it is unsecured. If you changed the wireless name or security in the past, connect to the new name or enter the passphrase when prompted.

  4. After the wireless connection with the computer or mobile device is established, the PC to Extender LED Image turns green.

  5. Open a web browser window from the same computer or mobile device. The browser takes you directly to NETGEAR genie Smart Setup. If you are not automatically directed to NETGEAR genie, launch an Internet browser and type in the address field of the browser. Enter admin for the user name and password for the password.

  6. Select an existing WiFi network to extend and click the Continue button.

  7. Type the network passphrase (also called password or security key) in the PassPhrase field and click the Continue button.

  8. Type the name (SSID) for your WiFi booster network in the 2.4GHz Network Name (SSID) field and click the Continue button. You can use the same security settings as your existing network by selecting the Use the same security mode check box.

  9. Use a WiFi network manager on a mobile device or computer to connect to the WiFi booster’s newly created WiFi network.

  10. Done ! You can unplug the WiFi booster and move it to a new location closer to the area with a poor WiFi signal.

  11. If you have MAC Address Filtering enabled on your wireless router or AP, you need to get the address of this device and all that connect to it. Once you have complete WN3000RP installation, go to WN3000RP GUI (, select the “Attached device” option on the left page, it will show the information which each computer attached to WN3000RP. Please add all MAC addresses shown on the “Virtual MAC address” column into your router.