Setting Up Barracuda Archiver

1 minute read


An email archiver is a hardware device that stores older copies of emails for reference that is placed on the network usually with a spam filter hardware device. We purchased one of these the other day and I was tasked to set it up.

To Resolve:

  1. We use MailEnable as our email server software, so I followed the guide here to setup a mailbox for all mail to be copied to.

  2. I setup the archiver on our DMZ subnet by following this guide.

    • Added the device to our internal DNS server.
    • Added to our external DNS server since it was placed in the DMZ.
    • Made sure a DHCP reservation was created so that we wouldn’t use the same IP on the internal subnet.
  3. Created an unlimited space mailbox called

  4. Copied MESNOOP to C:\Program Files (x86)\MailEnable\bin. Double click to launch, say “yes” to message filtering and point to a mailbox I created in the previous step.

  5. Open MailEnable and go to Messaging Manager => Filters.

  6. Create a new one called “ArchiveAllMail” and double click it to edit it. Under “use standard criteria” select the option that says “All messages => Process this filter action for all messages” and then under the actions panel, click “Add Actions” and “forward to Address” and type in

  7. Lastly, login to BarracudaArchiver, go to Mail Sources => Journal Accounts. Make sure the polling frequency is 30 seconds.

    • Add the mailbox info:
    • Server = Server IP address or hostname
    • Protocol = POP3
    • Username = email address
    • Password = email password
    • Encryption = SSL
    • Port = 993
    • Then click Add
  8. Update firmware on the device.

  9. Lastly, if you purchased the license for Cloud Backup, you have to register for an account at

  10. Once a Cloud Control Account is created which is tied to an order number and serial number of a product, then you can connect the account under Advanced => Backup and Advanced => Cloud Control tabs just by signing in.