Test Lab Setup

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As most people in IT, I created a test lab environment to learn more about domains once I landed my first Sys Admin job. To do this:

I have a custom built PC with 32GB of Ram and an I7-4770K processor with 4 TB of storage as the host machine (W7x64b).
I have VMWare Workstation v10 installed.
I have 8 VM’s: Two Windows Server 2012’s, Two Windows Server 2008r2, two Windows 10 preview VMs, and two Windows 7 VMs.

To Resolve:

  1. Did the steps in “Virtual Network“. Wanted to learn how to create a network in VMWare Worsktation.

  2. Did the steps in “Domain“. Learned how to setup a domain controller and enable the AD DS, DHCP, and DNS roles in Windows Server 2012.