To Change The Default Explorer Path

less than 1 minute read


If you ever get a open file dialog that points to your “Libraries” folder, you could change the default path in a few simple steps.

To Resolve:

  1. Locate the folder icon on the Windows task bar.

  2. Right Click => Windows Explorer => Right Click => Properties. This will have the default value of %windir%\explorer.exe.

  3. Change that value to whatever directory you want. I prefer C:\ since I do not store anything in the Windows User Documents folder, but instead in my own folder on the root of the C drive.

To Change The Default Save Location:

  1. Open up “My Computer” (Win+E).

  2. Navigate to “Libraries” in the tree on the left.

  3. Right click => properties => change path’s and folders to what you want.

  4. If you have a “Google Drive”, “MediaFire”, or “DropBox” folder, you can select that as a default save location or select a folder of your choosing.