Veeam Error: Guest Processing Skipped

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Veeam will be failing on the backups with the following log event: "Guest processing skipped, check guest OS VSS state and integration components version..."


To Resolve:

  1. After Googling the error, I found the official answer at First step is to make sure you have the newest “Integration Services Setup Disk” installed. To install, just go to action on the Hyper-V menu and install it.


  1. Login to the VM with the issue => Run => diskmgmt.msc => Right click => Properties => Shadow Copies => Settings => Point to a location to store shadow copies => and then Enable. It will create a snapshot automatically. If you have the space, go into the Settings on this tab and select “no limit” for the size of the snapshots.

  1. From an elevated command prompt, run “vssadmin list writers” and look for any States or errors that look wrong like “offline” or similar.