TV Website Dashboard Setup

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Follow this guide to setup an (almost automatic) TV display that rotates through web dashboards.


Energy efficient
Boot automatically
Logon to the OS automatically
Start the browser automatically
Load tabs automatically
Login to the dashboards automatically
Shutdown automatically


Vizio E43-C2 LED television and a 3rd gen Intel NUC.

To Resolve:

  1. Setup the NUC to boot automatically => Boot => F2 => BIOS. Advanced => Power => Wake System From S5. Leave “Wakeup Date” as “0” to enable daily wakes. Enter an hour in 24-hour format in “Wakeup Hour”. I chose “8”. Enter a minute in “Wakeup Minute”. I chose “30”. Press F10 to “Save and exit”

    • The Intel NUC requires a tweak in Windows 10 to come out of S5. Inside Windows, follow these steps to setup: Run => Powercfg.cpl => Choose What the Power Buttons Do => Change settings that are currently unavailable => Disable/Uncheck “Fast Startup (Recommended)”. Save Changes.
      Optional => Set clock to 8:25 and shutdown.
  2. Setup a limited user account with a password => Now setup auto-logon. To do this, Run => userpasswords2 => Select the account => Disable/uncheck “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer” => Apply => OK twice.

  3. Allow Chrome to launch on statup => Navigate to: c:\Users\yourName\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup. Substitue ‘yourName’ with the account name. Now drag and drop a Chrome shortcut in there. Right click the shortcut => Go to properties => add --start-maximized after chrome.exe in the Target field => OK => Close.

  4. Load tabs automatically => Enter chrome://settings/onStartup in the address bar, Add the URL(s) for the page(s) to load, OK and Close.

    • (Optional) Add “Auto Login” plugin to Chrome. Click on each dashboard tab and use the large floating capture button to capture the password into Auto Login. I found the best results capturing one tab/dashboard at a time. Add “TabCarousel” to Chrome. Configure TabCarousel to start with Chrome by checking “Start automatically”. Configure the wait time between tab changes. I have three tabs to cycle so I set Flip Wait to “20000”. TabCarousel tabs through all three tabs once per minute. **Auto Login occasionally takes a minute or three before it will login a dashboard.
  5. Config auto shutdown => Run => taskschd.msc => Create Basic Task => Name: DailyShutdown => Daily => Start a program => c:\windows\system32\shutdown.exe in “Program/script” field => Next => Finish. Now double click it in the task scheduler => Run whether user is logged on or not => Run with highest privileges => Click to enable “hidden” => Clear/disable “Run task as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed” => OK.


“An automated dashboard display”