Creating A Central Store For GPOs

1 minute read


Follow these steps to enable a central location for your organization’s GPO’s.

To Resolve:

  1. Create a folder called “PolicyDefinitions” at C:\Windows\sysvol\domain\Policies\

  2. Copy everything from C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions to that location.

  3. Install ADMX templates to that location => copy all .admx to that locations root, copy your language *.adml to that location under the correct folder (for example en-us)

  4. Now if you look at a GPO’s settings you should see Policy definitions (ADMX files) retrieved from the central store.

  5. Someone on /r/sysadmin was saying something about an error they were having so I’m just copying/pasting the fix here:

    • Error: resource '$(string.Win7Only)';…
    • Fix: I had the same problem.
    • I don’t see a new SearchOCR.admx file in the new 1803 templates and the version in my PolicyDefinitions was from 2010.
    • Found this post from someone who solved it.
    • Basically I downloaded the 1511 templates, extracted and just copied the SearchOCR.admx to the sysvol PolicyDefinitions root.
    • However this alone didn’t fix it for me.
    • Then I looked at the 1803 version SearchOCR.adml located in en-US folder, compared it with the 1511 version and noticed it was missing a line underneath of
    • <string id='OCR'>OCR</string>
    • I added this underneath it and saved it:
    • <string id='Win7Only'>Microsoft Windows 7 or later</string>