My Outlook Config

1 minute read


This post is to serve as tweaks for my Outlook install.

To Resolve:

  1. First, I like to remove the action items bar under senders name:

File => Mange Addins => Sign into OWA => Uncheck all

  1. Next I like to remove the vertical bar to Move up/down, reply, delete, ect next to message:

Quick Access Toolbar => Enable Mouse Mode

  1. Then, open File => Options and configure:

File => Options => Mail => Signatures => Set signature for new emails/replies/forwards. This is easiest set if you go to your sent items and copy your signature block.

File => Options => Mail => Stationary and Fonts => Set all (new, reply/forward, and plain text) to Segoe UI, Regular, 10pt

File => Options => Addins => Go => Uncheck all but Microsoft Exchange

File => Options => People => Uncheck “Show user photographs when available”

File => Office Account => Remove all services. Background => Circuit. Office Theme => Dark Grey.

View => Reading Pane => Right

View => Reading Pane => Options => Uncheck first two items (Mark as read after x seconds/ Mark as read on selection change)

Right click System Tray icon => Uncheck all but Show Network Warnings