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BGInfo is a program that I used to see all the time, but isn’t really common in the business environment as it used to be. What it does is place important computer info like Hostname, IPAddress, and other settings on top of the user’s wallpaper. What I do is use it at home on one of my three monitors to list weekend tasks. Follow these steps to see.

To Resolve:

  1. Open BGInfo and add a custom filed in the fields column. Click Custom => New => Indentifier: Custom Text => Replace Identifier with (radio button): Contents of a file => Path: Path to your text file.

  2. Click file => Save as => Save as a .bgi file.

  3. Now we have two options for auto starting this:

    • Create a desktop shortcut for bginfo. Add the following in the target box:
    C:\Windows\System32\BGInfo.exe /i(location of bgi file) /timer:0 /accepteula
    • Now type “shell:startup” and move the shortcut to there.
    • I prefer just placing the following line in my startup powershell script:
    & "C:\path\to\bginfo.exe" C:\path\to\mysettings.bgi /timer:0