Surface Book/Docking Station Issue

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So we have quite a few users with Surface Books deployed with official docking stations. Every now and then the monitors will start flickering and it is a pain in the ass to find the cause. Here is one such example of troubleshooting steps performed.

To Resolve:

  1. Updating Windows

  2. Updating Outlook: Office Account => Check for Updates.

  3. Flipping the physical Surface Book connector from one direction to another

  4. Plugging display directly into the SB which bypasses the docking station.

  5. Download/install Surface Dock firmware

  6. Reboot multiple times

  7. Switched out docking station with another.

  8. The fix: Unattaching the Book from the keyboard and plugging the Surface Connector to the bottom of the tablet part. This worked, but didn’t display properly on the screens. Eventually, we plugged the tablet back in but did backwards (screen facing out instead of facing the keyboard. Been working for months since then without issues.