Installing SEPM

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SEPM is the management “server” application for SEP (Symantec Endpoint Protection) clients. I did the following steps to install.

To Resolve:

  1. Install Symantec Manager by following the wizard.

  2. Import the license

  3. Create groups: Office, Servers, Remote

  4. Clients => Group you want to set up password protection => Policies tab => Under Location-independent Policies and Settings => Password Settings.

  5. From here, it is installed. We have two options => deploy a fresh client or upgrade an existing client.

    • To upgrade: Upgrade clients = Admin => Install Packages => Tasks => Upgrade clients with package
    • To install clients through remote push

Post install:

  1. Check definitions: Home => Endpoint Status => Windows Definitions => compare dates Latest from Manager / Latest From Symantec.

  2. Check backup settings: Admin => Servers => Local Site (My Site) => localhost => Tasks => Edit Database Properties => Backup Settings