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As an administrator, it is ideal to get familiar with built-in tools for Windows. My main go-to’s are Resmon and Perfmon. Resmon is good for what is happening now and Perfmon is good for a collection over time (although it can be used for in-depth real time metrics). I usually do these three steps when someone reports “slowness” on a server:


To Resolve:

  1. RDP to the server and open Task Manager. Check current usage stats. Open Resmon (Run => resmon) and let it run for a little bit, monitor results.

  2. Open Event Viewer (eventvwr.msc) and check the logs during the time frame the user specified.

  3. Open Perfmon and create a Data Collector Set

    • Data Collector Sets - User Defined => New => Name it
    • Choose Create from Template => System Performance => Finish the wizard using common judgement.
    • At the end, choose “Open Properties”
    • Go to Schedule Tab and set the schedule to the time the user said the issue was.