Uninstall Software In Safe Mode

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Follow these steps to uninstall software in safe mode. I’m not sure what all software you can uninstall, but the way I found this is we had a server that would bluescreen after a user logs in. The way we fixed was:

To Resolve:

  1. Reboot the server into Safe Mode and run:
bcdedit /set {bootmgr} displaybootmenu yes
  1. On reboot, we can now press ‘F8’ to get into Safe Mode.

  2. Check event viewer for critical events and see if they correspond to any installed software, in this case – Anywhere USB

  3. Now edit the registry allow ‘msiinstaller’ service to run in safe mode:

Create key = MSIServer

Create a String key (REG_SZ) = Service
Uninstall Software

  1. Reboot into safe mode once again and uninstall the software.

  2. Reboot into normal mode and verify the server is no long blue screening.