AWS Deploy VM

1 minute read


Follow this guide to deploy a VM in AWS via GUI. Pretty basic, but still noted.

To Resolve:

  1. Sign in to AWS, type EC2 under services. Now Launch Instance.

  2. Choose with Windows Base 2016 image

  3. Choose size – I chose T3.small

  4. On this screen, make sure to choose:
    • Subnet = Choose a subnet in your VPC.
    • IAM Role = Choose an IAM Role you have configured
    • Protect against accidental deletion = Checked
    • Enable Cloudwatch = Checked
  5. On the Add Storage, just keep defaults

  6. On Add Tags, enter Owner and $Department who owns the server

  7. For Security Groups, choose Default for now. We will eventually be breaking these out by groups like – Web servers, Domain Controllers, ect.

  8. Click Review and Launch. A screen will pop up and ask for you to use some keys. Click to Create a new key pair and enter your name. Now download the .pem file to your machine.

  9. After your server is created, go to EC2 – Instances and select your server and name it by clicking on the pencil icon.

  10. After selecting your machine, click on View Inbound Rules. Make sure that Source is $yourPublic IP for port 3389 and ICMP – Protocol Version 4.

  11. Lastly, choose Connect to connect to the machine. It will ask you to Get Password. Just point it to your pem file you downloaded earlier and you Copy/paste the password somewhere. Now go back and choose Download RDP file and RDP to your machine using Administrator/$yourPassword.