Remove Pinned OneDrive From Explorer

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So at one point, I had my school’s onedrive added to my computer and have since removed it after graduating. The problem was, it was still pinned in File Explorer and I was unable to remove it by right click and ‘remove’ like you can most things there. Curse Windows and it’s OneDrive integrations, even when you uninstall it!

To Resolve:

  1. In order to remove it, you have to go to the registry: Computer\HKEY_USERS\$yourSID\Software\Classes\CLSID\{04271989-C4D2-7E48-E593-3CF9C1D8EADF} change IsPinned from 1 to 0

  2. The way to find this key is to pull up regedit and search for $stringHere where $stringHere is the the name after ‘OneDrive - ‘ in File Explorer.