Bulk Extract Images From Word Documents

less than 1 minute read


Follow these steps to extract images as single files from a Word Document. This comes in real handy when writing blog posts or updating things in Sharepoint as you can copy the text from a Word Document and paste it and then insert the images in the places they need to be for when you need to do multiple files in a hurry.

To Resolve:

  1. Open the Word document, and save as Web page, filtered

  2. Open Bulk Rename Utility. Go to the Web page filtered directory and set the following options:
    • add
      • prefix = whatever
    • at pos. = -1
    • suffix = -
    • numbering = just check the box
    • file
      • name = remove
  3. This will get you: whatever-1.jpg, whatever-2.jpg, ect.