AWS Backup Service

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Follow this guide to auto backup certain instances in AWS.

To Resolve:

  1. Go to instance and get the EBS Volume, I copied them to a notepad++ document

  2. Type in ‘Backup’ and create a backup plan

    • Create backup plan = ‘Default-Backup’
    • Backup Rule = Template - Daily 35 day rotation (why not? Choose whatever template you want)
    • Resource Assignments = Make up a name, I choose ‘domain-controllers’ and choose the option for AWS to assign an IAM role, I called it ‘Default’
    • Now, under resources, hit the dropdown and choose ‘Resource ID’ in the first column, ‘EBS’ in the second column, and copy/paste the Volume ID for the third - column from step 1.
    • Do this repeatedly for all volumes.