Importance Of Learning Scripting

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I recently updated my About page to stress the importance of automation. Unfortunately, although tools like Power Automate exist where you can use a GUI to manipulate things, you will still need to learn to code on some level in order to automate.

To Resolve

  1. Similar to the responses here, you work your way up like so:

    • For Windows, learn to write advanced functions with Powershell
    • For Linux, learn to write python scripts and bash scripts (shell scripts)
  2. For the config management tool (or IaC - Infrastructure as code), choose:

    • Ansible
    • Chef
    • Puppet (if needed, many have moved to more advanced products - check the dates on the forge to see what I mean)
    • Salt Stack
    • Terraform
  3. Finally, learn a CI/CD tool like:

    • vRealize Orchestrator - not really a good tool for this category but sometimes you gotta play the cards you are dealt
    • Jenkins
    • Vagrant
    • Docker
  4. If you are still having questions, give this a read, and then browse that sub - you will get a clear picture.