Run Every Minute To Event Based

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So let’s say you have the current setup:

  • User fills out a Catalog item in Service Now
  • Azure Automation has a runbook that runs every minute that scans Service Now for a new item based on the ‘short description’
  • If it finds one, it parses the information and sends to Netiq Identity Governance (shortened to IDG) for approvals
  • Writes relevant information to Table Storage in Azure
  • A separate runbook that runs every minute reads table storage and if the approval has been completed, it will close the request in Service Now
  • More details here

The problem:

Now let’s move to an Event based flow:

  • User fills out a Catalog item in Service Now
  • Service Now sends a simple POST to Event Grid with a unique GUID that matches the catalog item
  • Event Grid kicks off a Logic App that calls the same runbook as before
  • In IDG, create a script that will upload CSV’s once they are created to Blob Storage
  • Create logic app that has a trigger of ‘when a new blob is written’ that will parse the CSV and call a runbook that completes the workflow.

Almost every post in the last year helps build on this topic so feel free to reference them.

To Resolve

  1. So first we need Service Now to send a POST to a unique GUID, I have this outlined here. This is just a matter of building out different logic apps for each Service Now Catalog Item.

  2. Next, we have IDG send a CSV to blob storage as posted here. This is just a matter of filtering on the variables in the CSV and having those start runbooks.

  3. The overall workflow can be described here