Generic Automation Interview Questions

1 minute read


Here are some interview questions we might ask for a candidate.

To Resolve:

  1. What automation tool you have been using for your last project?

  2. Tell me about a time you had multiple assignments with conflicting goals or deadlines, and how you completed each of them.

  3. How are Python arrays and Python lists different from each other?
    • A: Looking for how arrays cannot be modified once declared
  4. Describe a process you have automated. What were the steps?

  5. You write a function:

    Reboot-servers { 
       Invoke-Command -ComputerName '' -ScriptBlock {  
          Restart-computer -Force 
       Invoke-Command -ComputerName '' -ScriptBlock {  
          Restart-computer -Force 
    • And save it as the file reboot-servers.ps1. You then run it by typing .\reboot-servers.ps1 but it does nothing. Why is that?
    • Hint: Is there a way to confirm the commands were ran?
    • A: You declared a function but never called it.
  6. When is an okay time to hard code passwords in scripts?
    • A: Never
  7. How would you define a trigger in regards to automation?
    • A: Looking for scheduled time => start script or “when $x happens, start this process”
  8. In regards to object oriented programming, what is an object?
    • A: Looking for something regarding properties (characteristics) and methods (actions)
  9. What protocols are used to run scripts remotely for Windows and Linux?
    • A: WSMan and SSH are most common nowadays.
    • Bonus: What ports?
      • WMAN: 5985/tcp
      • WSMAN over HTTPS: 5986/tcp
      • SSH: 22/tcp