Developing Python On Windows

less than 1 minute read


As an alternative to developing with WSL I found it much easier to just install Python on Windows and use vscode. Maybe when I up my skills I will go back to using it with WSL, but here is all I had to do to start developing with Python on Windows.

To Resolve:

  1. Install Python 3.9 windows installer for During installation, choose to add to path.

  2. In vscode, install python extension.

  3. Upgrade pip:

    cd "C:\Program Files\Python39\"
    ./python.exe -m pip install --upgrade pip
  4. Then, if you have a file you want to format, it will prompt you to install pep8. Just select “yes” and it will install no hassles (unlike WSL where I had to fight it for some reason).

  5. If you want to install packages on your system, just use pip. For example, for azure-functions I did:

    • Install by ./python.exe -m pip install azure-functions
    • then type: ./python.exe
    • now that you are in python, just type import azure.functions and start using their module