Azure Serverless SFTP

1 minute read


Following this template I was able to create a powershell script that when ran in the portal would deploy new instances of SFTP by connecting to our storage account and creating one share per user. This works great as a one off solution to have user’s send you files and each user is to have their own chroot. Source is maintained at Github here.

The way to use is:

  • Download from my Github
  • Replace p.json with your info. Replace run.ps1 with your info. Look over t.json but I’m sure you don’t have to change anything in there.
  • Upload to your Azure Cloud Storage by going to => Click on powershell icon => Once you sign in => cd ./clouddrive/yourname and then upload all three files into a folder
  • Then run ./run.ps1 and it will deploy the containers
  • Go to Azure Container Instances to see the result!

To Resolve:

  1. First, create run.ps1 in cloud shell and paste in this

  2. Create the template file t.json and paste in this

  3. Create the parameters file p.json and paste in this

  4. What I do is keep these three files in a folder, and when needed copy the folder, rename it, tweak parameters, and deploy again for each department in my org that needs a SFTP folder to upload to.