Migrating Email Scheduled Task

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These are the steps I used to migrate my “send email if bitcoin is trending down” scheduled task to python.

To Resolve:

  1. Read the README

  2. In Windows task scheduler, setup the task to run on whatever schedule needed and point to the batch file.

    • The batch file will call the powershell script
    • The powershell script will activate the venv and call the python script
    • The python script will query the REST API and create a ‘logs’ folder that will tell me if the price doesn’t drop and will email me when the price does drop
    • Script will be maintained on my Github
      • If you have time, look at the helpers.py file and how it uses functions to start logging and sending emails
      • Look at the log file to see the format
      • Check the check_mutual_funds repo and see a foreach loop with this API and a different endpoint!
      • Try to replicate on your machine, this is a good first project!