Dot Files

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I was going through my blog and noticed that I write about setting up new computers a lot but failed to mention “dot files”. Dot Files are files on a linux computer under your user profile folder ~ or /home/gerry for example that start with a dot and then a name. For example, .vimrc or .bashrc. These files are meant to configure system shells or systems executables like bash, vi or ksh. Many users will pull their dot files from a central location if they are building/destroying machines often.

To Resolve:

  1. I have moved mine to here for the public facing stuff and keep my personal ones on my Google Drive.

  2. When setting up a new computer, I like to document each step I take in hopes of automating it one day. With powershell/bash/python, this is much easier than you might imagine. For now, I keep many of my settings in that repo on Github, but in the future I plan to use Packer or Ansible in conjunction with Terraform for the quick provisioning of new systems.