OSL Samba Server Config

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Sharing NTFS shares on OpenSuse Linux (OSL) requires the following:

To Resolve:

On Windows:

  1. Cmd => net config workstation # take note of the workgroup name.

  2. Cmd => notepad c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts # add the opensuse hostname and IP.

On Opensuse:

  1. Yast => Network Services => Samba Server => Startup tab: During boot radio button, Open port in Firewall. Shares tab: Select share path and then check the boxes for “Allow users to share their directories” and “Allow guest access”. Identity tab: Enter your workgroup name. Done here.

  2. Yast => System => System Services (Runlevel) => Highlight “nmb” and “smb” and select enable (one at a time).

  3. Open up the directory in your file explorer (Dolphin by default), right click the shared folder and go to Properties. Here check the boxes to “Share with Windows” and “Allow guests”

  4. Open up terminal and type:

    sudo smbpasswd -a username
    # fill out the password
  5. Now just go to Dolphin => Network => Samba Shares => (Your Workgroup)

    • Samba config file is located at /etc/samba/smb.conf
    • Back On Windows, Run => \\opensuseIP # You should be able to browse network shares.