To Access Windows Shares In OSL

1 minute read


If your computer is on the same network as a computer running Windows and you want to access a share, follow these steps:

To Resolve:

  1. Launch Dolphin File Manager and type “‘smb://(ip-address)” of the Windows share.

NOTE: If you don’t know the IP-address of the share, you can browse the local network by simply entering smb:/ in the Dolphin location bar. However, this will only work if you configure the firewall first.
Kickoff menu – Computer tab – YaST – Security and Users – Firewall – Allowed Services – Select “Samba Client” and “Netbios Server” in the “Service to allow” combobox and add them.

To Share Your Files:

To share your files with MS Windows users, Mac OSX users or other GNU/Linux users on the local network you must configure the Samba Server (make sure the packages yast2-samba-server and samba are installed). You only need to perform the first three steps the first time you want share a folder.

  1. Open the YaST Samba Server module. Kickoff menu – Computer tab – YaST – Network Services – Samba Server

  2. In the tab “Start-Up” select whether to autostart the Samba service during boot and whether to open the firewall ports required.

  3. Go to the Shares tab, check the options Allow Users to Share Their Directories and Allow Guest Access. In the Identity tab you can configure your workgroup and share name.

  4. Now open the Dolphin file manager, right click the folder you want to share, click Properties – Share.