To Access Windows Shares In OSL

1 minute read


If your computer is on the same network as a computer running Windows and you want to access a share, follow these steps:

To Resolve:

  1. Launch Dolphin File Manager and type smb://(ip-address) of the Windows share.

    • If you don’t know the IP-address of the share, you can browse the local network by simply entering smb:/ in the Dolphin location bar.

    • However, this will only work if you configure the firewall first.

      • Kickoff menu => Computer tab => YaST => Security and Users => Firewall => Allowed Services => Select Samba Client and Netbios Server in the Service to allow combobox and add them.
  2. To Share Your Files:

    • To share your files with MS Windows users, Mac OSX users or other GNU/Linux users on the local network you must configure the Samba Server (make sure the packages yast2-samba-server and samba are installed). You only need to perform the first three steps the first time you want share a folder.

    • Open the YaST Samba Server module. Kickoff menu => Computer tab => YaST => Network Services => Samba Server

    • In the tab Start-Up and select whether to autostart the Samba service during boot and whether to open the firewall ports required.

    • Go to the Shares tab, check the options Allow Users to Share Their Directories and Allow Guest Access. In the Identity tab you can configure your workgroup and share name.

    • Now open the Dolphin file manager, right click the folder you want to share, click Properties => Share.