Silent Runners

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“Silent Runners” to me are applications that I have running in my system tray or as extensions for my web browser. By all means, make your own list, but here is mine:

Sys Tray:

  1. Zemana Anti-Keylogger => An application that helps protect against keyloggers.

  2. Unchecky => Automatically unchecks third party add-ons during installs.

  3. Quick Cliq => Personalization application. I use it as a single key press application launcher.

  4. Greenshot => Great screen shot utility.

Chrome Extensions:

  1. uBlock Origin => Open source ad blocker.

  2. Ad Guard Block => Ad blocker.

  3. Ghostery => Privacy extension

  4. WOT => Web of Trust. Shows icons next to links letting you know if they are trusty or not.

  5. LastPass => Password manager of choice.

  6. Most of the above will have Firefox ports as well. Go to the Firefox Add ons site to search/install