System Center Configuration Manager

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System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is a management application that monitors and controls various aspects of multiple computers. Follow these steps to install System Center Configuration Manager.

NOTE: I did these steps in a Windows Server 2012 Standard VM in my home lab. My company is not large enough to warrant a purchase of this amazing software so I have barely any experience with it at this time. This is just from a DreamSpark subscription at my college.

To Resolve:

  1. First, install the .NET 3.5 feature by Server Manager or by PS running: Install-WindowFeature -Name NET-Framework-Core.

    • I kept getting a dismapi_error__cbs_download_failure error, so I just mounted my install ISO and added a -source D:\sources\sxs\ parameter and it was finally successful.
  2. SCCM requires a SQL Server instance, so I installed SQL Server 2012. In the feature selection I selected all options and added my domain admin as a user for all admin stuff. From what I read, you have to choose the same SQL Server year as SCCM.

  3. Run the installer, enter the product key, combine with the SQL instance it populates, create a management group name/ administrator, and finish the install.