To Start A Meeting Using iMeet

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In order to start a meeting, the client will need the “iMeet Client Software” installed on their computer or to go to a link in their browser.

To Resolve:

  1. Launch the application and sign in.

  2. Select the option to “Start A Meeting” by “Dialing In”. This will dial in to the conference room. Enter the Room Key provided.

  3. As participants join, have them “merge” to be in the meeting. Note that each participant will glow green when they are talking and you can double click the microphone button under their names to mute them. This is normally done with someone is causing interference with the group.

  4. Note that you select “Share” and then Screen Share instead of present a file when you want to share something. You select “Leave Meeting” on the bottom right menu in order to leave the software.