W10 Clean Upgrade

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Follow these steps to do a clean upgrade to Windows 10. I am aware that you have the option to do a clean install when you upgrade, but it will still create a c:\windows.old directory. Using this method will produce a completely clean upgrade.

To Resolve:

  1. Download Windows 10 from the Microsoft tool and then copy sourcegatherosstate.exe to a writable directory.

  2. Launch it to get GenuineTicket.xml in the same directory. Copy and paste that to a thumb drive.

  3. Unplug your network cable.

  4. Install a fresh copy of Windows 10 on the same computer with the network cable still unplugged. Skip the part about a product key.

  5. Once installed, copy the GinuineTicket.xml to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Clipsvc\GenuineTicket

  6. Reboot the computer and plug the network cable in at boot. Windows should activate now.


“No need for a full upgrade to install 10 from scratch and activate”