Notepad++ Settings

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This post is just for my notes on my Notepad++ install.

To Resolve:

  1. Go to Style Configurator => Obsidian

    Consolas 12
    Check box = Enable Global font
    Check box = Enable Global font size
  2. Enable the Explorer plugin and set to my scripts path.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Sort by line and remove the duplicate lines at the same time

    • Get the TextFX plugin. This used to be included in older versions of Notepad++, but if you have a newer version, you can add it from the menu by going to Plugins => Plugin Manager => Show Plugin Manager => Available tab => TextFX => Install. In some cases it may also be called TextFX Characters, but this is the same thing.
    • Then check boxes and buttons required will now appear in the menu under: TextFX => TextFX Tools.
    • Make sure sort outputs only unique is checked.
    • Next, select a block of text (Ctrl+A to select the entire document). Finally, click sort lines case sensitive or sort lines case insensitive
  2. To Replace Spaces on Each Line (this happens when you copy multiple columns from Excel to Npp):

    • Copy the amount of spaces in between each word to your clipboard
    • Press Ctrl+A to select all text
    • Press Ctrl+H to bring up find/replace
    • Paste in the blank spaces in the find what dialog
    • In the replace with, make sure it is completely blank
    • Select the option to replace all
  3. To remove trailing spaces for each line:

    • Edit => Blank Operations => Trim trailing space
  4. To remove leading space for each line:

    • Edit => Blank Operations => Trim leading space
  5. To remove empty lines:

    • Edit => Line Operations => Remove Empty Lines
    • or in Extended mode:
    • Search: \n\r
    • Replace: (blank)
  6. To sort lines alphabetically:

    • Edit => Line Operations => Sort Lines Lexicographically Ascending
  7. Remove all lines that start with specific word

    • Go to the search menu Ctrl+F and open the “Mark” tab.
    • Check “Bookmark line” (if there is no “Mark” tab update to the current version).
    • Enter your search term (Select Regex and ^YourWordHere) and click “Mark All” - All lines containing the search term are bookmarked.
    • Now go to the Menu “Search => Bookmark => Remove Bookmarked lines”