Microsoft MFA

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This post will serve as the foundation post for things I do within the Azure Web UI.


  1. To create a service account that is exempt from MFA (for Power Automate):
    • Create user in Azure AD
    • Open a new window and sign in as that user.
    • Now go back into AzureAD and look at sign-in’s under that user. Under ‘Conditional Access’, it will list the policy that requires 2FA.
    • In our case, it was ‘Baseline policy: Require MFA for Admins (preview)’
    • So now go back to Azure Active Directory => Conditional Access => $name of policy => Users => Exclude => Add your account there
  2. If a user says they lost their phone and needs to activate MFA on a new one:
    • Go to user in Azure => Authentication Methods => Select button Require re-register MFA
    • Tell user to go to and reconfigure their phone number used for MFA