Logic App Expressions

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This post will be a reference post for different expressions you can create with Logic Apps.

To Resolve:

  1. Expression to convert to local time zone: convertTimeZone(utcnow(),'UTC','Central Standard Time','yyyy_MM_dd_HH_mm_ss_tt')

  2. To do a Start-Sleep, insert a Delay element and set it up accordingly. I like to test Conditions by having if true...delay just to see if the IF statement will fire.

  3. A common tactic is to take a HTTP Response or something similar and put it in a Compose element. Logic Apps will dynamically put it in a For each element. When using this strategy, it is best to rename the element ( for example: Get-FileContent ) and then access it later by something like outputs('Get-FileContent'). This will create an object that you can reference.

  4. I usually follow Compose elements with:
    • A string variable named longDescription with the expression json( first(outputs('Get-FileContent'))) if the Get-Content element outputs something like [{'key':'value', 'key2':'value2'}]
    • An array variable named DescArray with the expression split(variables('longDescription'),',')
    • Another string variable named key with the expression of split(variables('DescArray')[0],':')[1]. This will have the value of value
    • Another string variable named key2 with the expression of split(variables('DescArray')[0],':')[1]. This will have the value of value2
    • What those string are doing is splitting on ‘:’ and grabbing the second element 1 (first element is 0).
  5. To split something = split( + variables('myVarName') or outputs('myComposeElementTitle') + ,',')

  6. To get an array count: sub(length(outputs('Convert-ToArray')),1) coming from a compose element. Length will get the number of elements, but you need to subtract one because arrays are 0 value so you use sub( length, 1) to subtract the length - 1.

  7. To access the last element in array: variables('stringArray')[variables('count')] assuming you have a variable named count using the step above.

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