Logic App: Read Service Now

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So while working with Service Now developers to move to an Event Based setup, I wrote a Logic App in the interim that scans Service Now for new requests every minute and calls an Azure Automation job if a new record was created. Here are the steps:

To Resolve:

  1. Trigger => Recurrence set to 1 week, then M-F every minute between 8am and 5pm

  2. HTTP Action:
    • Method: GET
    • URI: (You will need to tweak this in Postman but the idea is filter on the short description. Example https://yourcompany.service-now.com/api/now/table/sc_request?sysparm_query=short_description%3DSomething&sysparm_limit=10&state=1 this will get ‘Something’ with a state of ‘New’ from the request table.
    • Headers: Authorization (your authorization method)
  3. Store the Body of the response in a variable named Get-SNResponse.

  4. Initialize an integer variable with 0

  5. Store the length of the first variable in another variable length(variables('Get-SNResponse'))

  6. Add a condition that if length is greater than 13, call an automation job. Or as I did, have it increment the first integer variable and then create another condition that says if that variable is greater than 0, create an automation job - same thing.