Setup A New Computer

2 minute read


I will be following these steps to re-image my home computer soon. See my dot files post for some references to these settings.

To Resolve:

  1. Install Firefox.
  2. Google Backup and Sync.

    • Create symlink:
    mkdir c:\_gwill
    cd c:\_gwill
    mklink /d google z:\google
    • Now launch installer
    • Enter email / Enter password
    • Sign in on web if you have two factor, the screen will just gray out if you use the Authenticator app – Will probably be fixed in a later release.
    • Skip the screen about backing up continuously (although that is what you want to do) – DO NOT CHOOSE a folder here.
    • On the screen where it checks the box to sync google drive, HERE is where you select the folder. If you have a sym link, select that folder.
  3. Install apps below:
  4. Install VPN Client for work

  5. Configure Veeam Endpoint - Point it to my Z:\ which will be backed up to encrypted external manually

  6. Install Office by logging into O365.
  7. NPP Config
    • Settings – Style Configurator – Obsidian theme – Consolas 12 – Enable Global font/ Enable Global font size

    • Options:

      • Recent files history = uncheck “don’t check at launch”
      • Backup – Uncheck “Remember current session..”
      • Multi-instance = Always in Multi-Instance Mode
      • Misc = Uncheck “enable” under Clickable Link Settings
      • Plugins – dspellchecker – uncheck the “spell check document automatically (ctrl+a)”
  8. Firefox config - Sign in and follow Firefox Config

  9. Everything config - Options – Keyboard – Show Window Hotkey: Ctrl+Alt+Q

  10. Teams config - Click on Initials in top right – Settings – Theme: Dark – check “open application in background”

  11. See Quickcliq config

  12. Install Virtualbox and point to my G:\

  13. Configure Greenshot
    • Preferences tab - Hotkeys - Clear all and enter Ctrl+Q for capture region.
    • Capture tab - Turn off notifications
    • Destination tab - Select only ‘Open in Image editor’
  14. VSCode config - See Vscode Config

Configure Windows Itself

  1. Run New Computer Script

  2. Enable WSL - Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux. After installation your Linux distribution will be located at: %localappdata%\lxss. I’m not sure but I think you have to then go to the Windows Store and install Ubuntu.

  3. Settings – Taskbar – Select which icons appear – Set all to disabled except Backup and Sync

  4. Set background to my preferred image

  5. Set lockscreen to my preferred image

  6. Set mouse to my preferred cursor - oxy-midnight_meadow

  7. Setup my preferred Powershell profile settings – See Profile

  8. Finally – Set Windows Taskbar: Thunderbird (Portable), VSCode, ConEmu, File Explorer, NPP, Firefox, Teams, Outlook


  1. The following global shortcuts should work:
    • Ctrl+Q - Greenshot capture region
    • Alt+Q - Quickcliq menu
    • Ctl+Alt+Q - Everything menu
  2. Pin the following items to the start menu:
    • Powershell
    • Powershell ISE
    • Oracle VirtualBox
    • Ubuntu for Windows